Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support

Because we know how difficult it can be to care give to an ill pet or say goodbye to one, PETS is pleased to have partnered with Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support (DBD) to offer compassionate support to caregivers during the grief that comes before, during and after the loss of a beloved pet. All services are at NO COST.

In addition to a telephone hotline and online support, DBD also hosts support circle meetings and online support chats which are led by licensed professional counselors. DBD's counseling team provides a safe, secure, non-judgmental environment where you can share your feelings and struggles regarding your pet care giving experience and/or your journey of grief.

Through discussions with other pet caregivers whether by phone, in person or online, you'll learn that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Hear what other pet caregivers are going through or have gone through on a day by day basis. And have a chance to speak about your own experience and journey with your pet. It's about receiving and lending support to others.

Emotional support information about anticipatory grief, euthanasia, pet loss, grief and memorialization of your pet are all available. Simply order online.

Please visit Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support's website at to see all the services provided by Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support or call them at 484-453-8210.

Day By Day Pet Caregiver Support is here for you when and how you need us.