Everyone is so empathetic and understanding. My shi tzu swallowed a plum which can be very poisonous. They were able to get it up whole. Lil gizmo is doing great. Thanks to all of you.

- Sonia R. Bixler

This is a great place to take your pet. The staff is very kind and caring. We had a very good experience taking our 5 month old puppy Riley there. They quickly removed some thread wrapped in his teeth

- Steven L. Tevis

"PETS" has a genuine love and passion for all pets. Learning that my dog had cancer, was obviously not something that was easy to hear. But, when it comes to the treatment and care of dogs with cancer, Dr. Clifford is second to none. I would highly recommend PETS to all pet owners!

- JS

They were really quick and nice. I was expecting to have sticker shock but it didn't matter because my dog needed care. I was so pleasantly surprised with the cost of care. It was much more reasonable than I had built up in my head. The staff was very helpful and the Dr did a great job of explaining our options in a high stress situation.

- JD

A family member with dementia fed her dog two Advil; when we researched how dangerous Advil is for dogs we rushed him to PETS. They were very professional and helped us immediately, discussing options and outlining a plan of care for King. We are monitoring him now and we’ll do a kidney function test again tomorrow. We are so grateful that PETS is available. Thanks for the rapid response and the help!

- Deborah Harrison

I can not say enough about the staff here at Pet Emergency Treatment. They are by far the best emergency vet I have ever had to visit. Everyone from the receptionist, to the vet techs, and to the veterinarians that assist us with our rottie this past week. I hope we never have to use them again, but I wouldn’t bat an eye to take one of our dogs there again. Great care and great people.

- Justin Peterson

I highly recommend going here. My 2 1/2 year old boxer Piper had a ulcer in her eye that was not healing and required her to see a ophthalmologist. Dr Brady Beale did a great job diagnosing the problem and required Piper to have surgery on her eye. They were able to do it the same day. She did an amazing job fixing her eye and happy to have her back home with us. Could not be happier with the staff in how friendly they were and the amount of care and kindness they showed us. 5 stars hands down.

- Chris Levan