Dr. Allison Gedney


Dr. Allison Gedney is our newest medical oncologist. She is a Delaware native and attended the University of Delaware for her undergraduate degree in Pre-Veterinary Medicine while running competitively for UD for 3 seasons all 3 years.  Dr. Gedney started her veterinary schooling at Ross University in St. Kitts, but transferred to Oklahoma State University after her first year to get more involved in the world of oncology. During her time at Oklahoma State, she assisted in a laboratory researching temperature sensitive nano-particles for chemotherapy delivery. After completing her Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine in 2016, she returned to Delaware, completing her rotating internship at the former Veterinary Specialty Center of Delaware.  During this year she met current PETS Doctors, Walsh, Goldkamp and Knox. After her rotating internship she became a member of the University of Pennsylvania Comprehensive Oncology Team as their intern, managing radiation, medical and clinical trials oncologic cases. After completion of this position at UPenn, she traveled to Colorado State University to be a doctor working specifically on their Clinical Trials Team. In this position she was one of two doctors responsible for the care of patients in a multitude (up to 38!) clinical trials.   In 2022 Dr. Gedney completed her Residency in Medical Oncology at the University of Pennsylvania. While she has no specific oncologic interests, her research and publication were focused on canine splenic hemangiosarcoma and a commercially available mushroom extract.  

Dr. Gedney enjoys running, landscape/animal portrait photography, hiking and spending time with her family and pets (Steven, Tiny, Gary and RJ) in her free time. 


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